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How To Be a Good Wingman by RSD Dating Coach Todd

Todd is an executive coach from Real Social Dynamics and one of the most experienced guys in the game. You might know him from the book The Game.

This video is a special recording for RSD Inner Circle Members to help them with the Monthly Meetings and Pub Crawls. Topics of the vidoe are about wingmanship and the importance and motivation benefits of having a good Wingman.

Todd also gives out tons of tips how you can set basic infield rules, how your wingman can help you handle logistics when picking up girls and finally how to be a good friend and never get into conflicts with your bro over some chick you just met.

Remember, who opened the set first gets to choose the girl!

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Q/A Facebook Session with Todd

Recently we had hosted questions and answers session with RSD Executive Coach Todd on our official Facebook Page. Todd put a lot of effort into answering each question as detailed as possible, here are some of the questions and answers.

Facebook Q&A with Todd

Austin:  Yo yo Todd!
Okay so when I first open sets I’ve always noticed that the girls are so reluctant to talk that I end up dominating the conversation and for whatever reason I’d say 7 times out of 10 it stays that way for the ENTIRE interaction. I’ll even call them out on it and still they’re so quiet! How can I get my sets to be just a little more outputting in the interactions?

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